Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Iltam Meeting – Being Agile

on Sunday 1/7 Iltam is going to conduct an interesting meeting that will cover some very interesting agile subject. Specifically what I really like about this meeting that after a very long time I see some content that will mention my old and favorite Extreme Programming process. For some reason the XP methodology is no longer discussed in the Israeli community.

Anyways, there will be three parts to this session in the first part my partner Elad Sofer is going to talk about agile tools, Afterwards Danko will do a scan of various process models which are bundled under the Agile umbrella and I will do the last part in which ill talk about the experience I had in managing an R&D group using the XP process, if you are interested the complete details can be found Here.

hope to see you there.

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