Saturday, 30 June 2012

About Visibility

A couple of years ago I had the luck to attend a course given by Ken Swchaber. during that course Ken pointed that the main role of the Scrum Master in a scrum process is to ensure visibility. On all Levels.
But why is visibility so important?
There are many answers to that. Probably too many for me to do justice to them all. for example, you need visibility to understand exactly where you are in order for you to make the right decisions based on real hard facts.
Today, I happened to tune in into a TED session about Four principles for the open world, by Don Tapscott. In that session Don talks about Transparency and what that may cause organizations. He explains that since today the world is so transparent organizations must really adopt good values as part of they backbone. those values are what creates trust which later on enable real collaboration.
So here you have it, we want to create a high level of Visibility in order us to gain the needed trust which will enable us to truly collaborate, with our customers, with our managers with our peers and with ourselves. Visibility is the key to get there.

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