Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Unlocker is Back

One of the most useful development tool I used in the past is Unlocker. this amazing tools is a life saver when you are developing using the file system and use may cause all kind of file handler to be left hanging.

however about a couple of years ago (I think), when I was forced to switch to working on a 64 bit vista machine, I stopped using it since it didn't support that platform.

You can imagine my happiness when found out this week in the Alt.NET tool evening that they now have a version that does support my configuration.

Who said that conventions are a waste of time?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

ALT .NET – Second Tool Night

The Israeli ALT.NET group is having its second tool night Monday the next week on the


on Mon. 12/07, 18:00-21:00


Sears offices,

Ekershtein building A,

HaMenofim 9 St,

Herzeliyya Pituach


The format is for 4-6 sessions, by different presenters.

  1. Test Lint - Roy Osherove
  2. Code Rush & Resharper - Uri Lavy
  3. Process Explorer - Ariel Raunstien
  4. NDepend - Dror Helper
  5. IronRuby - Shay Friedman
  6. And if there will be time I'll demo the Testify Wizard

if you want to register and tell us you’re coming go here.

Hope to see you all there

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