Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Must programmers know how to Test?

I was never asked before if a programmer should know how to test. The underlying assumption is that programmers know hoe to test their own work, and therefore are skilled at testing. Problem is that they are not. And the sad thing is that so far they have managed to get away with it. I’ve been a professional programmer(that is writing code for a living) for more than 10 years, in all the places I’ve worked my managers did ask me if I tested my work. And my answer was always “of course”.  But never was I actually challenged on that. No matter how many bugs were found in my code, no matter how much empirical proof there was that I did a bad job at testing. None of my technical managers ever told me, “please take this work back and test it again, and this time for real”, ever. And never have I seen it happen to any of the other programmer I worked with. I did get work back from time to time with claims that some of the functionality was missing, I did get a lot of bugs to fix. At times it was so bad that my “testing” activity usually only included making sure it compiled executed and didn’t crash on my machine. and that what I called testing.

Programmer who Cant test will become obsolete

As automation gains more hold in our industry people start to expect much more from testing at the unit level. In my last work place doing test reviews was part of our on going process, in fact we probably invested more time in reviewing test code than actual production code. For us it was extremely important to make sure that written code was properly tested (verified) at the unit test level. I expect this is very common to all software teams doing TDD. And while I’m sure many of us just wait  for this weird TDD notion to go away. its my strong believe that it wont. on the contrary latest surveys suggest that as agile is gaining in our industry the necessary engineering practices are also

Programmer – catch up on your testing skills

if you as a programmer want to stay relevant in future markets, you should really start increasing their testing skills. Yes there is still time before testing skill will be listed as one of the mandatory skills in job posting. The growing need for writing automation at all levels, gives a definite advantage (at least in my book) to programmer that has some sort of formal knowledge or experience in testing. (and yes I will need to see some actual proof and will verify such claims during interviews). No I don’t think a programmer should be a professional tester as well (although that might help), but basic concepts of QA, properly designing test suites and understanding that there are more than just unit testing is something I would expect every self respecting programmer to know. In  my limited experience I have found that programmers that posses this knowledge and skills are just better programmers.
And if you want to know how to start here’s something you can try: STARTING TDD – ONE DAY EXPERIMENT

Bottom line

As a programmer you should want to know how to properly test your work(at least at the unit level) ,in order to decrease the time you will be looking for a new job

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