Monday, 27 June 2011

5 Reasons for Doing Scrum

A while back ago I gave a talk about what are the main benefits any organization should expect when changing its process into an agile (Scrum) process.

Here is the recording of that session. Its about 50 minutes long and its in Hebrew.

Hope you enjoy it

Monday, 13 June 2011

Open session With Jurgen Appelo

As a prequel to the first Agile Practitioners IL group meeting (register here). Jurgen Appleo has kindly offered to give a short, one hour, session during his visit next week. I know this is a very short notice but knowing Jurgen, I’m sure it be worth while.

The event is limited in space so for further details and registration go here. And don’t forget that we would still like to see you all at the first formal group kick off meeting.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Video of my talk at “QA & Development In Agile” conference

Last month I spoke at “QA & Development in Agile” gathering. SELA were kind enough to video my talk and to make it avail;able online.

Details about the talk (with the actual slides) can be found here.

and if you want to tune in and listen to the actual talk (about 30 minutes in Hebrew) you can do it here.

Also I would appreciate any feedback you can share. So feel free to add your comments.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Agile User Group – First Meeting

I‘ve been wanting for quite some time now to setup a monthly meeting for people my_Logowho are interested in Agile. Since the demise of “Agile Israel” meetings I haven’t seen any sersiou sattempt of setting such a group, although I feel that many in the industry are interested . Therefore I would like to invite you over to the first group meeting of the “Agile Practitioners IL” .

This session subject will be "Feedback". We will have Elad Sofer (which is also a co-founder of this group) talk about "Feedback - The secret ingredient of success", why feedback is so important for success and how it is used Since this is our first meeting we shall also try to gather feedback from participants on what else they would like to hear, and how they would like to see this monthly meeting evolve.

If you want to get involved, please RSVP at


Nice System

Hapnina 8, Raanana.


Gathering starts at 17:30

You can join the Agile Practitioner IL group at

Food and drinks are sponsored by Typemock LTD.


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