Sunday, 23 May 2010

Starting TDD (Part 6)

if you are really lucky you will find yourself joining an team which already practice TDD:

New developer joining a team doing TDD

You are just starting a new job (maybe in a new company). You have heard all about how the team is doing Agile (Scrum/XP) and how the tests are written before the code (TDD). In fact you are nervously waiting to start doing all those wonderful things.

Take a breath.

Joining such a team is not an easy switch. If this is your first time doing TDD (and Agile). It is going to be kind of a shock, working in an agile team is different in many aspects TDD is just one of them. It can take some time to make the needed adjustment. I myself have not fully experienced this, but helping other pass through the transition, I have learned that it can be a frustrating process, especially if you not a new developer.

The best way to speed the process is to make sure to pair a lot, i.e., Don’t work alone! Always ask to work along with somebody else on the team. Even if the team is not practicing pair programming on a usual base, insist that for your initial phases you would like to sit with others and learn how to do things properly. Pairing is a great way to get the needed knowledge and expertise (and the fastest way I know of).


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