Monday, 24 May 2010

Starting TDD – Conclusion

How do I start TDD? is a question I’ve been asked too many times. Unlike many I don’t believe that in order to start you need the entire team approval. In this series I’ve described a few situation one might find himself in and offered some ideas on how to approach them. Although each developer has its own context i hope you can find some resemblance in the described cases and find the ideas useful. Since this is what I’m doing for a living this days, I would love to hear about your way on the TDD road and specifically on how you started and what were the initial experience.

last in a previous post i was asked by Daniel the following:

So if a single developer on a team is driving the design of his code by TDD, do you really think it would work? The code is probably going to be different in design hence other will probably have problems reading it since it could be a bit of paradigm shift. Also, if the TDD-developer has a similar skill-level as the rest of the members, the implementation time of each future will probably be longer for his items, even if the total time including corrections after QA-people, do you really think things like this will go unnoticed?

Daniel, I don’t know if it will work for you, but i have seen it to work several times. The differences in designs does tend to invoke a design discussion, which i have found to be a good discussion in which testable design is always defendable,in fact I encourage this discussion since they are a tool for winning people over. regarding your second question, I think that a reasonable developer (in many scenarios) can make the overhead nearly unseen, and i would also expect that it wont take too long for that developer skills to rise over his fellows programmers. However, I’m a believer of honesty and visibility, I wouldn’t try to hide what I was doing from anyone, and when challenged I would answer that this is the way i know how to code and point to the low defect rate resulting from doing things this way.


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