Sunday, 16 May 2010

Showing GoogleTests/JUnit Results in CC.Net

In a Place I’m working in, we needed to integrate the results from tests running in the C++ googleTest framework into the team build machine which is running CC.Net.

It appears that GoogleTest can output its result into a standard JUnit xml format, however I couldn’t locate a proper XSL that will transform the results into a nice report in the CC.Net Dashboard.

The following link points to the resulting xsl file that will create a nice looking report from googleTest output.

  1. Instruct googletest (using the –gtest_output) to write its result into an xml.
  2. Update the ccnet.config file to merge the resulting file into the CC.Net build report.
  3. Put the supplied xsl into the webdashboard/xsl directory of the installation. Download the xsl from this link.
  4. Update dashboard.config file to use the given xsl.

Hope this will save some time for somebody.


randomdude said...

Thanks, man, you just saved me a load of time.. and made my CCNET install look all nice too.

Much appreciate the stylesheet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Was really helpfull

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you saved me a great deal of work.

BTW: The link in "Instruct googletest (using the –gtest_output) to write its result into an xml." is broken, but no problem to google :-)

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