Monday, 3 October 2011

TDD for Legacy Systems

We know test automation is crucial probably even mandatory, and TDD is a great practice to use, but lets face it our existing system is not test friendly to say the least.
so now what?
TDD for Legacy system is  my way to help people tackle this problem. During this two day training we will learn how to cope with existing systems. We will go over the basics of Test First methodologies and learn how to turn a system from a big  chunk of legacy code, into something that is covered by a suite of automated tests. we will discuss issues of setting up a continuous integration server, different type of testing that can be applied, how to tackle existing system design and how to slowly but surely improve our code base while writing automated tests for the existing code.
the training will assume no previous knowledge of test automation, however it is  hands on and does require previous experience in programming (at least one year on a real live system).
if you are interested and want to learn more details about the course syllabus and content can be found here
and of course you can just register here
so don’t wait up, take you r first step and come learn about modern software development.


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