Tuesday, 5 July 2011

TDD .NET Course

Next month (starting on August the 8th) (Starting on August the 14th) I’ll be conducting a public “TDD .NET” course . Registration is now open for everyone, so go here and book your place.

The course TDD.NET is based on practical experience and lesson learnt gathered over the past several years. The course main goal is teach basic concepts of TDD practitioners while giving participants enough practical knowledge to start practicing on their own.


AviK said...

Where's the course taking place?

Lior Friedman: said...

Course will be held at HackerU building in the Bursa compound, Ramat Gan.

complete details can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Are there any specials prices for groups or Early Bird discounts?

Lior Friedman: said...

please send me an email and we can discuss this,
lfriedmal at gmail

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