Thursday, 20 June 2013

Do you think this guy is Agile?

A few days ago I read a very interesting article in one of the the local news site. the site was covering a speech given by a key figure. I’ve taken out some parts which I found extremely familiar. And yes I deliberately have taken it out of context as well,
Try to see if you can guess who said this, what is his role, and in what context it was said:
The following was said at the start of his speech:

When we ask ourselves what is the one thing that distinguishes successful human societies from failing ones. Answer is: the ability to change.
Later on I found this part:
When this is in your core, when you know how change, the difficulties you are experiencing are only minor glitches. The world is becoming increasingly competitive, more and more flat and global, we know about ourselves what others do not know about us: no matter what happens, no matter what will be the circumstances, we will know to take out the best. Whatever problem we will face, we will  know - almost instinctively - how to turn it into an opportunity.
Well to me this sound that the guy completely grok what Agile is all about.

And for those who doesn't  like to keep guessing.
This was said as part of a speech given By Yair Lapid, Israel current Minister of Finance. It was part of the speech given to him in a conference titled “Will tomorrow be better?” and in this talk he discussed changes our local economy will be facing in the upcoming years and about changes he is trying to make.


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