Monday, 23 May 2011

Presenting at Sela’s Developers Days 2011


Towards the end of June I’ll be participating in Sela’s “Dev. Days” conference. Unlike other conference, “Dev Days” event is a collection of 1 full days workshops that will be given over the span of an entire week. During this week there will be 25 different workshops in various subject aiming at beginners and advanced Developers alike.

My part in this event will be 2 workshop that I’ll be having:

1. Introduction to Scrum

At this workshop ill be going over the principles of agile. I will show the basic Scrum process and technique and will demonstrate the key differences between Agile way of doing things and classical waterfall approaches.

If you are want to know what the agile buzz is all about I really recommend attending this day.

2. Introduction to Test-Driven Development

TDD has established itself as one of the leading practices in the Agile community. However there are several obstacles in actually starting to TDD. The goal of this day is to give all participant a good starting point for actually starting to code in the TDD style.

If you ever wanted to give TDD a go, but always found it hard to start. Maybe this day will get you going

2 other related workshop that might be of interest in the context of agile and testing are:

Team Foundation Server 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Testing Tools. but of course the week has many more very interesting workshops. for the full agenda go here and if you want to register follow this link.


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