Sunday, 6 March 2011

What have we Learnt today?

And another cycle of the Practical Scrum course has started, and like always usual at the end of each day im asking a few questions to gather some feedback.

Here are the answers i got after the first day(unedited):

What is the most surprising thing you have learned today?

  • That the instructor thinks that scrum works in most cases.
  • Lack of clear design upfront and use of dynamic design
  • that the team decides during the process what goes into each release, does the estimation etc..
  • How much can be learnt out of a simple activity.
  • that Scrum works
  • That the agile manifesto was signed at 2991

What is the most stupid thing I have said during the day?

  • That the Team decides (3 people)
  • That project statistic can be gathered in two minutes

I can see that we have an issue with the team roles and responsibility inside the Scrum process.


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