Monday, 26 April 2010

What Have we Learnt Today?

As usual during the Practical Scrum Course I’m giving. At the end of the first day I gather some feedback in the form of two questions I ask:

  1. What was the most surprising thing you have heard today?
  2. What is the most controversial thing you have heard today?

here are the (unedited) answers I've got this time:

The Most Surprising

  1. How much client expectation can effect estimations
  2. That in some projects a client can get a new version every couple of weeks
  3. New approach to estimations.
  4. That in 4 weeks we should finish X features (development, testing and documentation) and make them ready to be shipped.
  5. Its important to leave room for “exciters” features.

The most controversial

  1. Less documentation if at all.
  2. Priority Poker technique
  3. Everyone using a waterfall approach is following a “flawed" model
  4. That “loaded” requirements document can cause estimation to increase
  5. There is not enough consideration for the unexpected.


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