Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Alt.NET Israel - First tool night


Just came back from the first Alt.NET tool night and it was fun.all and all it was quite long. We had 6 short sessions (15-20) minutes along with a short break so it ended about 21:30.

The sessions themselves were quite interesting and covered a wide variety of tools. the good news is that the entire session was filmed by Ohad Israeli and I'm sure he will upload it in a few days (probably tomorrow).

I did however brought my own camcorder and managed to film the session about Quick Unit.

For those of you who are not aware, Quick Unit is a new test authoring tool, which speed up the process of creating unit tests along with giving guidelines on how to write them properly. Unlike other test generation tool, the basic idea is not to try to create many test cases that covers the entire code, but is more like a designer for test, much like a standard UI designer.

Anyway I've downloaded the tool and will give try it out properly in the next couple of weeks to see how does it help me. So be prepared for a follow up . In the mean while I'm currently uploading the film to the web and will publish a link first thing tomorrow morning.


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