Sunday, 6 September 2009

Practical Scrum Course

At the end of the first day in my Practical Scrum course I've asked 2 questions at the end of the day:

1) What was the most surprising thing you have heard today?

2) What is the most controversial thing you have heard today?

here's what I've got:

The most surprising

1) That even for the simplest "project" it takes 2-3 tries to reach a good way of doing things. (In response to an exercise we conducted)

2) That the waterfall methodology is an example of a flawed model. (taken from wikipedia: Royce was presenting this model as an example of a flawed, non-working model (Royce 1970).)

3) That so far the Scrum process is not that far from what we are actually doing.

4) That plans don't have to be too detailed, and paperwork may actually be less important then we think.

The most controversial

1) The claim that we are not good at estimations.

2) That we can start development without planning everything initially

3) That we can work (most of the times) in cycles of 3-4 weeks and give real business value to the customer at the end of each cycle.


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