Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Collection Asserts in MSTest (and some more)

Sometime I can miss the obvious.

I've been working with MSTest framework for over a year now and up until today I completely missed the fact that beside the Assert class MSTest framework contains 2 other assert classes :

  1. StringAssert - used for string specific asserts like StartsWith, EndsWith and even support regular expression matching
  2. CollectionAssert - used for collection operation like Contains, AllItemsAreNotNull and the most useful AreEquivalent.

Naturally NUnit also has equivalent classes (which of course I missed as well).

Now the thing that really ticks me off is that I was asked this specific question twice in the last month and gave the wrong answer. Only today after I allocated 2 minutes to actually google it, I found out about it.

Lesson learnt - For all consultant out there, Don't get overconfident about your knowledge. Even if its in you specific area of expertise. Always assume that you are mistaken and double check your answer (especially if your answer starts with "You cant...")


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