Wednesday, 14 January 2009

VB .NET Mocking

Typemock has released a new version yesterday (5.2) in which they included a new API for VB developers. unlike previous version this time the VB API was specially planned and designed in VB, for VB developers. Hopefully using special constructs of the VB language will result in an easier and more intuitive API. With my limited experience using the VB language i cant say I can be a good judge for that.

For blogger's out there, Typemock is also offering a chance to win a free license you can check it out here.

beside the VB API the new version also continue on improving the C# AAA syntax adding to it capabilities such as true indexers, better repeating mechanisms and some more.

One important thing to watch out from, is that default mock creation has changed (taken from Typemock Blog):

Another change in this version is the default behavior for creating fake objects. It has been changed to Members.ReturnRecursiveFakes when creating a  fake instance without any parameters.


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