Sunday, 14 December 2008

Windows 7 - Testing Aid.

Automating GUI testing still represents a big challenge for us. In fact I haven't seen a good affordable solution that will help in fully automating them. And where there is no automation what we left with are manual tests.

Sometimes however help comes from places you least expect it, during a preview session for the upcoming Israeli Developer Academy III, Alon has demonstrated some of the new features that will be included in the new Windows 7 OS. What caught my eyes was a little application that Microsoft has included in as part of the OS which is called "Problem Steps Recorder". This application focuses on helping users produce detailed reports about steps taken which resulted in a defect they wish to report.

now what is the connection?

Simple, part of the problem with manual tests is that someone has to sit down and write the test scenarios down. The person needs to write down, step by step, the things he is doing, and their expected outcome. This however takes effort and time.

The "Problem Steps Recorder can help in this, I have only got a glimpse of the tool output, but basically its a zipped html that describes the user actions and gives a screen captures of the output. one can also add some specific info to describes the various steps he is doing. So instead of writing this manually, what you just need to do is turn it on, perform the actual test and you get everything in a very nice format which can be shared by everyone.


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