Monday, 24 November 2008

Outlook 2007 Hanging

Yesterday, I got into a battle with my outlook (2007). It all started after I received meeting invitation from a friend.

Harmless enough isnt it? WRONG!!!

When I first tried opening it, my outlook just froze on me. Being used to software crashes,  I terminated the program like I do every time. However for some reason, that stubborn message kept on freezing the outlook each time I tried to open it, and if that's not enough trying to delete it also made outlook freeze.

It took me a couple of hours to try various things, but every operation that I tried on that message froze up outlook. I got so desperate so I even tried looking on the net for PST manipulation tools, that will enable me to hack in and make the message go away. (BTW I didn't find any)

At the end however, I got lucky. From all things marking the message as junk got it moved to the junk folder and from there I could delete it once and for all.

So if you have outlook freeze on a specific message each time you try to open it and you cant delete it either, try marking it as junk first.

That's what I call annoying!


Soon Hui said...

Ah, yet another reason why we should move away from Outlook or any desktop based email client :)

Lior Friedman said...

And face the same kind of issues when using a browser?

I know I'm old fashion, but I still find my desktop client to work faster for me then a web based access.

Gal B. said...

I got the same problem, and this is the solution I found for it:
I have entered my inbox from the web browser and accepted the meeting from there.
The problem was solved, and the outlook was working again.


Lior Friedman said...

well at the time web access was not enabled for the Inbox, but I'm glad you found a another simpler solution for this.

Johnson Smith said...

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sylvie james said...

Thanks for giving informative solution. Really this is very effective to repair PST file as well as it can recover PST password from the Outlook application. By this outlook password recovery one can easily recover lost password.

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