Sunday, 12 October 2008

AUT in C++

Its been some time since I left the C++ field in favor of .NET development and recently I have taken some time to do some catching up. After focusing so intensely on developing a mocking framework it was only natural for me to start by looking what has changed in the areas AUT/TDD in C++.

The bad news is that as far as I can tell, C++ AUT/TDD tools are still far behind in comparison to those found in .NET and Java. However there are some new tools on the block that seem to be heading the right direction so hopefully there is some change brewing.

disclaimer: I am only starting to evaluate the changes and there is a good chance that I am missing some key change here.

Therefore, for the sake of my own personal knowledge, I thought it will be nice to go over the tools I have found, and see if I can figure how far they have progressed.

So I’m going to dedicate some posts to those tools I have managed to locate. For the sake of the experiment I limited myself to those tools I have managed to locate fairly easy assuming that if there are more tools that didn't show up most likely other will miss them as well. However, if anyone out there know of a tool which is worth mentioning here just leave me a comment. At the end, I would really like to cover all tools out there.

I’ll start out by reviewing the following testing frameworks:

  • cppunit
  • cxxunit
  • cppunitlite
  • unittest++

which will be followed by reviewing Mocking Frameworks:

  • mockpp
  • mockitnow
  • amop


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