Saturday, 27 September 2008

First Post (Introduction)

Hi, my name is Lior Friedman and I'm a software developer.
This blog is all about me trying to recapture and share my past (and future) mistakes, in the hope that putting them on paper will help me remember and avoid repeating them in the future. I will try to focus on my own personal mistakes, but I’m sure that from time to time I will share those I have seen made around me.

I've been developing software in various fields and technologies for more then 10 years now (wow time do fly), and during the way I've made more then my fair share of errors along the way. The bigger of them are what got me to look up agile methodologies and so far I have found those much more appealing and effective then the rest.

So do expect a good share of philosophy here, I will however always try to relate everything to real world experience. Also being a technical guy I’ll also try to put in technical issues as much as I can in hope that someone out there will find this interesting.

Being an experiment I really hope that you can share your thoughts and comment with me, feel free to use the comments to put everything you wish that me or other should know. I would really like to know if someone out there finds this interesting or not


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