Monday, 23 January 2012

What I’ll be doing at Agile Practitioners 2012

I’ve been quiet for some time now. mainly because I was very busy in making Agile Practitioners 2012 event happen. It was and still is a lot of work but most of it is fun and I do hope that all the people coming will enjoy it.
over the last couple of weeks I’ve been asked a couple of times what would be good session to go to. basically I don’t know all of the speakers are good and while I haven't heard all of them speaking those I did had excellent sessions. Its really hard to choose from them.
But out of all of them here's a list of those I’m planning to to attend.
of the three available workshops (Gojko, David and Corey) ill attend the Improving your TDD. ITs not often that I have the chance to hear about my main passion from leaders of the industry and this rare opportunity is too much for me to pass. (I do hope I’ll have the chance to peek in the two others though)
On the second day naturally ill hear the two main keynotes.
but other then that I think ill go with the following:
1) Agile Meets the Falafel-Land: Culture Clash or Common Cause?
While at the end I do believe people are people, the notion about us being a little different then the rest does appeal to me. and it would be great to hear how other people deal with things that are unique to our culture.
2) 10 Phrases That Can Derail an Agile Project
Being a close friend of Gil I had a couple of chances to hear him and I enjoyed it every time.Also I have a feeling that this session will have a few practical lessons for me to learn. Gil is really bringing some Product Owner wisdom and knowledge that I find very useful in my line of business.
3) Design For Testeblity is a Fraud
while I already heard this session before. I think it will be a little hard for me to skip this one.
4) Weaning a Legacy Platform From Offshore QA
I Find offshoring to be a very weird concept. one of those things that sounds like a very good idea until you actually try to do it. Too many times I’ve seen it fail. While I respect the fact that in some contexts that may be good idea. I still would like to be prepared to the day when someone asks me to help bring work back.
5) The Mythical Man-Month –
An Agile Perspective

Hearing about Brooks is always a good idea. Besides this is my first chance to hear Ohad, something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now.

So what session you are planning on going to? if you still haven’t decided that’s ok. But if you haven’t already registered Shame on you, quickly before anyone notice go here and register. There’s still enough time and a few places left


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